Discovered at the age sixteen by the the celebrated critic Miguel Nuno, Da Silveira  has studied and worked with the greatest painters of the last fifty years. He is considered one of the last masters. Born in Mozambique in 1965, he moved from country to country before settling in Provence, France. By the age of 25 he was already one of the most celebrated painters of the century. He created the formist school of painting which is now followed by numerous artists.


The selection committee for "The Mindset of Innovation" project was pleased to announce that Jose Da Silveira has been selected as an "Earth Shaking Innovator". "The selection was based on the commonality of his vision in his artwork, writing and stage/screen work. And according to the committee, his ability to convey not only a concept but the emotion and feeling behind the concept, which is unique. This capability is driving his work to be a new voice in all avenues of artistic media, and is leading the charge of bringing Formism into the mainstream. The committee is saying that the lifetime of work to date is but a brief glimpse of creativity that makes him a true innovator and one of the most influential artists of the 21st century". This quote is from Pallab Chatterjee, Chair of the Innovation Selection Committee and Co-Author of The Mindset of Innovation.  


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